The streets of Valladolid, Mexico

valladolid-4I just came back from a 4 week trip to Mexico. During the time in there i got to visit Tulum, Isla Mujeres, Isla Holbox and Valladolid. Im right now knee deep in lightroom trying to finish my edits. But until then i fought i would show you some of the shots from Valladolid. All images are shot with my trusty travel companion, The Fuji X10

The city looked almost like some kind of western filmset, that in my opinion made for a fantastic photographic backdrop!

I just had one day in this old colonial town, But since there was things to shoot almost everywhere i looked i got home with a lot om images that i really like.

I’ll be back with some more images from the trip as soon as i can get around to finish the edits.

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Walking the dog


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Field trip to Gothenburg

GBG1About a week ago me and my girlfriend took a trip to Gothenburg, Sweden. The beautiful, soulful city that i was born in some 29 years ago. Besides just being a fantastic city to visit it’s a really fun city to be a photographer in. Lots of old architecture and alleys with a lot of soul.

GBG2I didn’t wanna bring more then the little Sony RX100 on the trip and that proved to be no problem what so ever. It can handle almost everything you throw at it. Like in the image above of my girlfriend. The dynamic range is actually quite amazing and the colours is just the way i like them.

GBG3As mentioned earlier the city has a lot of character. But not only that, it has a lot of characters as well! As soon as a saw this guy i picked up my camera and snapped this.

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Spring is slowly making it’s way

springA few days ago i awl out walking with some friend and for the first time in what feels like ages you could actually feel some heat from the sun. This was shot with the Sony RX100, a tiny little camera that constantly proves it’s place in my pocket. This just got to be the best pocket cam out there. (at least for now)

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Some things will never die

hippieYeah i know it’s quite the title but i couldn’t resist, hehe. Found this guy outside of the fruit store right around the corner where i live and i just had to tack a pic.

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Dark nights

night osloSeems like there’s no end to the darkness this time of year… Hopefully the months will fly by until spring is here.

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How close can you go?

2009_071_las_vegas_april-6Sometimes people ask me how i “dare” to go so close to people when I’m out shooting on the streets. The simple answer is that i don’t dare, it has taken me several years to be able to approach people on the streets without looking like a deer caught in the headlights. I remember that i started out using a 70-200mm lens on the long end and then worked my way down to 70mm. Now days i use my trusty x100s that have a 35mm equivalent lens. Its often good to be close to your subjects but sometimes you just get too close, like the picture above. At first this guy got really upset but after a few minutes of explaining what i was doing and why i was taking the picture he calmed down. They usually do…

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New project in the making


Im now working full speed trying to finish a personal project that i’ve been working on for years. It’s not ready for the public yet but i thought i’ll share a few photos already now. The finished project is gonna be live in a few weeks.


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Going into the new year

new_year-1It’s now a new year and this is actually my 5th year on this website (!) time flies… Im not gonna make a whole lot of new years resolutions but I’m gonna make one- Make more time for my photography and for this website.

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A new family member – The RX100

rx100-1Yes i know, i got to much stuff! But the fact is that i’ve misses a pocketable camera for quite a while. I love the fuji X10 but it’s just to big to fit in my pocket. So after looking at a few alternatives comparing pros and cons i eventually ended up with the Sony RX100.

rx100-1-2Why? Well mostly because the relatively big sensor. The sony has a 1″ sensor and a 28-100mm f1.8 to f4.9 lens that together actually can produce some short DOF. It’s not a must but certainly not a bad thing!

rx100-3The somewhat big sensor is also good when it comes to lowlight capabilities. You can easily go up to iso 1600 without loosing to much detail, something you just can’t with the smaller sensor cameras.

rx100-4The camera is also quite good when it comes to dynamic range and colour reproduction. It’s not at the same level as the fuji’s but when you think of how small it is, it really doesn’t matter.

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The other side of the city


Every city no matter the size has one, the side that doesn’t get as much attention as the rest. Where the graffiti stays longer. For oslo that would be the south-east side.



In terms of photographic places in oslo this sure is one of my favourites!

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The lonely boy


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The streets of Sri Lanka


I try to travel as much as i can and i try to make at least one longer trip each year. Last year  i went to Malaysia for about a month, a really beautiful country that offered so much. After a lot of discussion me and my girlfriend came to the conclusion that this year it was gonna be Sri Lanka.


For me Sri Lanka was gonna be sort of a “India-lite” and i guess that’s what it is in way. It’s definitely smaller and from what i can tell everything is at a slower pace. But still a lot of buzz and chaos in the cities. We travelled around quite a bit but stayed on the east coast the majority of the time. The image above is shot in Trincomalee town on the north-east coast.


This is another shot from Trincomalee town. As with most asian cities it’s full of colour. I always try to travel as light as possible and i only bring the bare minimum when it comes to camera equipment. I brought the same kit this year as i did the year before it; The fuji X10. and i gotta say that i honestly think that you don’t need anything more.


Looking at these photos i get more and more convinced that fuji knocks every other camera maker out of the park when it comes to colour.


I have looked after a good little camera to travel with and after this and last years trip I’m convinced that i have found it!


I’ll end this short post with a picture from the trincomalee beach a place where we spent a lot of time! I shot about 2500 shots in Sri Lanka so i might do a bigger wright-up at a later point but this will have to make due for now.

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First impressions – Fuji X100s

After the trip to London i sold the X-Pro1 in favour of the the X100s. I had a fuji X100 before but sold it because i felt like the 23mm lens was to short. But as i don’t have the money for a new Leica and i don’t like the other mirror less cameras out there. It was not so much else to do.

i still feel like the 23mm lens is kinda short but now when the AF is way better then the original X100 i can live with the somewhat short focal length. The camera is small and really fun to use, just as the original x100.

The S stands for speed. Yes on the exterior the camera looks just the same as before but with a small S printed on the top plate. But there’s been quite a lot of whinges under the hood. I won’t go in to detail but i can tell you this much, its FASTER!

And being a fuji camera it has some this else up its sleeves that i think is unbeatable: the colours. Fuji has been making beautiful 35mm film for ages and it shows. The colour rendition from the sensor is nothing short of excellent! I’ll be back with more thoughts later.

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3 Days in London

I recently went on a 3 day trip to London… Man what a great city!! I had never been there before and had no real expectations, but after a few minutes i felt like this was a city i was gonna like.

The city was just so full of life, so full of flavour. Perfect! This short trip ended up almost like a battle between me wanting to shoot as much as possible and my girlfriend wanting to shop as much as possible, hehe

But of course we made it work, as always. I brought the X-Pro1 and the 35mm f1.4 along for this trip. Something i kinda wish didn’t. There’s always been sort of a love-hate relationship with this camera but this trip did actually end our “relationship”

Why? Well… i got one word: autofocus! or rather the lack of it. This is a really nice camera but i misses so many shots due to miss focus. Yes you can use manual focus but then you’re stuck with the rather bad EVF.

I ended up shooting almost everything with manual focus. It’s not a big problem but why add AF if it just won’t work!? Enough about the camera, i wasn’t there to review the camera but to enjoy myself in this beautiful city… And i really did!

Hopefully i’ll go back soon. There’s just so much i didn’t get so see. But one this is for sure, i won’t be bringing the X-Pro1. That camera is history.

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Testing out the Nikon D7000

So how would i like a DSLR after a long time with smaller lighter cameras like the x100 and X-Pro 1?

Well, there’s a few things you just got to love about a DSLR. First of all it’s the AF speed, I mean the new mirror less cameras are getting better but still has nothing against this. Second is the ergonomics, it might be a bit bigger but it feels and handles just right. The last thing is gonna be the viewfinder. It’s just so much better then the electronic ones in the mirror less cameras in my opinion.

I bought the camera with the 35mm f1.8 a nice little lens that performs well considering the price. I think that if you’re after a DSLR and are looking in the price range where the D7000 sits it might just be the best bang for the buck!

The image quality is nothing short of excellent. Just what you expect from a APSC sized sensor at this price range. As you know i shoot most of my images in B&W and the files look great converted to B&W.

The files have great detail and can be pushed if needed. This is really a good camera for those that like the DSLR form factor. I ended up returning the camera, not because i didn’t like it but because i just didn’t need it. I just wanted to do a short little wright-up on my thoughts about the camera.

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More from the X-Pro 1

Now i’ve had the chance to put the X-Pro 1 through it’s paces. Everything from nightshots to harsh sunlight and i gotta say that i’m impressed. The camera handles everything you throw at it with almost no issues at all.

The metering on the camera is really good but for me it takes some time getting used to how the camera meters in comparison to the Leica M8 and it’s center weighted meter.

It seems like the camera can do all i want, but im still waiting for lightroom to offer full support of the Fuji raw files. Judging by the jpeg files i know that the sensor can do more than what i see today. Don’t get me wrong the files look good, but there’s still some more detail that can be squeezed out…

When shooting in low light the X-Pro 1 i miles ahead of the M8. I can easily shoot @ ISO 3200 without worrying about noise. This is huge for me considering that i’m used to the very noisy files from the M8 even @ ISO 640

The files hold a lot of dynamic range. Maybe not as much as the Leica but still really good. The one complaint i have about the camera is the autofocus in really backlit situations. But as long as you know the limitations of a camera you can learn to work around them.

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Watch out lover

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The loner

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First impression – Fuji X Pro-1

I’ve had the Fuji X100 for a while, but this weekend i took the decision to upgrade to the X Pro 1. I’ve always felt that the x100 was a bit to small and kind of limited with it’s 23mm f2 lens. Don’t get me wrong, the x100 is a fantastic little camera but i just think that the X Pro 1 suits my style of shooting a bit better.

I bought the X Pro 1 with the 35mm f1.4 lens (53mm effective) After upgrading the firmware to 2.01 the camera and lens performed great together, fast and accurate focusing just as promised by Fuji. The camera and lens is just about the same size as a Lecia M with 50mm. Im new to this camera but i already feel like this is a camera that will last for a long time.

The images this camera can produce is just amazing. The RAW files hold lots of information and dynamic range. Im really looking forward to testing this camera out some more in the weeks to come. /Alex

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