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From my balcony

I’ve been sick for a few days now, i mean passed out on the couch sick! But today was the first day that i actually was able to get up. So i dragged myself out on my balcony to see … Continue reading

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Film vs Digital

Here you have it! Film vs Digital. What looks best? For me it’s crystal clear… Click image to enlarge The answer is simple… or is it? I remember when i first started with photography, i was 16 years old. It … Continue reading

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Barcelona pt2 (this time with film)

Got really happy today, my scanner came in the mail :) So eager as usual i hooked it right up and started to scan some pictures from Barcelona. This is just quick n’ dirty scans but take a look at … Continue reading

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Free Polaroid

Yes! Now it’s possible, thanks to the website Polaroin. Here you can upload your images and “convert” them to polaroids in a snap! A lot of fun to do now in the cold dark winter… Man i miss the summer…

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