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New book in the works

Well… Here it is! my first video post. Man!! was that hard to do. Im really not used to this side of the camera… (obviously)

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5D Filmmaking

As we all know by now the Canon 5D mkII is a really good still camera. But the videopart of the camera is maybe what interests me the most. As you may or maybe know i work with videoproduction most … Continue reading

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Night time with the 5D mkII

I was out last night shooting some night stuff with the 5D mkII. I was really eager to see how this Megapixel monster would behave under long exposures. I had no idea what to expect but i really gotta say … Continue reading

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Making conversation

I’ve been working a lot lately so there haven’t been so mush time for the blog… I’ve been keeping busy testing the 5D mkII and working on my personal projects, lots of fun but lots and lots of work! Im … Continue reading

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Caught on CCTV

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The N3 Movie

[youtube=] Now it’s finally done! The N3 movie from Norefjell has finally left the edit suit. I’m really happy with how this came out, considering that it’s done in 2 days give and take. The whole thing is shot on … Continue reading

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iPhone gallery update

Well, it’s been a while since i updated the iPhone galley… I’ve been busy with so many other things that the gallery more or less fell out of my to-do list, sorry for that. But now it’s here. Not a … Continue reading

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What's on the lens? AKA setting of the alarm

[youtube=] I think i just let this one speak for itself. “thanks” for this Ola

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On location: Norefjell

Im now back from a hectic weekend in Norefjell. I was there to shoot a film about the N3 race. I did this job with the company i work for (Webcast Norge) and Ola from Profusions. This was the first … Continue reading

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[youtube=] Another little movie i did the other day,  shot with Canon 5DmkII, Nikon D700 and Canon G10

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More from the 5DmkII

So i’ve been testing the 5DmkII some more and i really gotta say that it constantly surprises me. The colors, the contrast and lets not ignore the elephant in the room… The resolution! Holy crap :) i’ve posted some more … Continue reading

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The day we met

[youtube=] My first day with the 5DmkII did not only result in some stillphotos but also a movie! :) Did this one in a couple of hours here in oslo today. Really happy with the end result and the outstanding … Continue reading

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Sold my soul to the devil…

Well… That might be a bit on the hard side, BUT! i’ve done something i thought i’ll never would… I’ve switched from nikon… to canon… I now have a canon 5D mkII. I’ve been skeptical to say the least, but … Continue reading

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