3 Days in London

I recently went on a 3 day trip to London… Man what a great city!! I had never been there before and had no real expectations, but after a few minutes i felt like this was a city i was gonna like.

The city was just so full of life, so full of flavour. Perfect! This short trip ended up almost like a battle between me wanting to shoot as much as possible and my girlfriend wanting to shop as much as possible, hehe

But of course we made it work, as always. I brought the X-Pro1 and the 35mm f1.4 along for this trip. Something i kinda wish didn’t. There’s always been sort of a love-hate relationship with this camera but this trip did actually end our “relationship”

Why? Well… i got one word: autofocus! or rather the lack of it. This is a really nice camera but i misses so many shots due to miss focus. Yes you can use manual focus but then you’re stuck with the rather bad EVF.

I ended up shooting almost everything with manual focus. It’s not a big problem but why add AF if it just won’t work!? Enough about the camera, i wasn’t there to review the camera but to enjoy myself in this beautiful city… And i really did!

Hopefully i’ll go back soon. There’s just so much i didn’t get so see. But one this is for sure, i won’t be bringing the X-Pro1. That camera is history.

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