A new family member – The RX100

rx100-1Yes i know, i got to much stuff! But the fact is that i’ve misses a pocketable camera for quite a while. I love the fuji X10 but it’s just to big to fit in my pocket. So after looking at a few alternatives comparing pros and cons i eventually ended up with the Sony RX100.

rx100-1-2Why? Well mostly because the relatively big sensor. The sony has a 1″ sensor and a 28-100mm f1.8 to f4.9 lens that together actually can produce some short DOF. It’s not a must but certainly not a bad thing!

rx100-3The somewhat big sensor is also good when it comes to lowlight capabilities. You can easily go up to iso 1600 without loosing to much detail, something you just can’t with the smaller sensor cameras.

rx100-4The camera is also quite good when it comes to dynamic range and colour reproduction. It’s not at the same level as the fuji’s but when you think of how small it is, it really doesn’t matter.

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