First impressions – Fuji X100s

After the trip to London i sold the X-Pro1 in favour of the the X100s. I had a fuji X100 before but sold it because i felt like the 23mm lens was to short. But as i don’t have the money for a new Leica and i don’t like the other mirror less cameras out there. It was not so much else to do.

i still feel like the 23mm lens is kinda short but now when the AF is way better then the original X100 i can live with the somewhat short focal length. The camera is small and really fun to use, just as the original x100.

The S stands for speed. Yes on the exterior the camera looks just the same as before but with a small S printed on the top plate. But there’s been quite a lot of whinges under the hood. I won’t go in to detail but i can tell you this much, its FASTER!

And being a fuji camera it has some this else up its sleeves that i think is unbeatable: the colours. Fuji has been making beautiful 35mm film for ages and it shows. The colour rendition from the sensor is nothing short of excellent! I’ll be back with more thoughts later.

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