More from the X-Pro 1

Now i’ve had the chance to put the X-Pro 1 through it’s paces. Everything from nightshots to harsh sunlight and i gotta say that i’m impressed. The camera handles everything you throw at it with almost no issues at all.

The metering on the camera is really good but for me it takes some time getting used to how the camera meters in comparison to the Leica M8 and it’s center weighted meter.

It seems like the camera can do all i want, but im still waiting for lightroom to offer full support of the Fuji raw files. Judging by the jpeg files i know that the sensor can do more than what i see today. Don’t get me wrong the files look good, but there’s still some more detail that can be squeezed out…

When shooting in low light the X-Pro 1 i miles ahead of the M8. I can easily shoot @ ISO 3200 without worrying about noise. This is huge for me considering that i’m used to the very noisy files from the M8 even @ ISO 640

The files hold a lot of dynamic range. Maybe not as much as the Leica but still really good. The one complaint i have about the camera is the autofocus in really backlit situations. But as long as you know the limitations of a camera you can learn to work around them.

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