The streets of Sri Lanka


I try to travel as much as i can and i try to make at least one longer trip each year. Last year  i went to Malaysia for about a month, a really beautiful country that offered so much. After a lot of discussion me and my girlfriend came to the conclusion that this year it was gonna be Sri Lanka.


For me Sri Lanka was gonna be sort of a “India-lite” and i guess that’s what it is in way. It’s definitely smaller and from what i can tell everything is at a slower pace. But still a lot of buzz and chaos in the cities. We travelled around quite a bit but stayed on the east coast the majority of the time. The image above is shot in Trincomalee town on the north-east coast.


This is another shot from Trincomalee town. As with most asian cities it’s full of colour. I always try to travel as light as possible and i only bring the bare minimum when it comes to camera equipment. I brought the same kit this year as i did the year before it; The fuji X10. and i gotta say that i honestly think that you don’t need anything more.


Looking at these photos i get more and more convinced that fuji knocks every other camera maker out of the park when it comes to colour.


I have looked after a good little camera to travel with and after this and last years trip I’m convinced that i have found it!


I’ll end this short post with a picture from the trincomalee beach a place where we spent a lot of time! I shot about 2500 shots in Sri Lanka so i might do a bigger wright-up at a later point but this will have to make due for now.

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