Same country different camera

During my trip to Malaysia i got so fond of the X10 that when i got to Kuala Lumpur i bought the X100 as well. In many ways the X10 is the “baby brother” of the X100.

The camera looks almost like a mini leica and the build quality is really good. It has a fixed 35mm f2.0 lens that can produce some fantastic images. Over all the camera is a breeze to use once you get to know it.

Compared to a leica this camera is much smaller and lighter. The quality from a leica is almost unbeatable, but the X100 is not far behind. The files are nice, crisp and clean with a lot of detail across the entire range.

When comparing ISO performance with the leica M8 this X100 is FAR!! better. At ISO 3200 the files from the X100 looks like files shot at 640 ISO on the leica. The X100 also has one more thick up it’s sleeve that some may appreciate… Auto focus! the manual focus of the leica was never an issue for me but i can clearly see why some would miss is.

Over all i think that this is a really good camera for anyone that are looking to get in to street photography and a “rangefinder” style of shooting.

Until next time. /A

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30 days in Malaysia with the Fuji X10

I’ve recently come back from my trip to Malaysia. A beautiful country with amazing people. I started the trip on the east coast and then made my way over to the west coast before finishing the trip i Kuala Lumpur.

Before i went i bought the Fujifilm X10 camera to bring with me and i got to say that this is the best “compact” camera i’ve ever used. Fuji is famous for it’s colours and i now see why. The camera delivers some outstanding colours even straight out of the camera.

The deep fuji greens that im used to see in the fuji velvia 35mm film is ever so present in the X10 files.

The camera has a 2/3″ sensor wich is quite big for a compact camera with a zoom lens. The lens is a 28-112mm f2-2.8 that when zoomed in can give some nice short depth of field.

The AF of the X10 isn’t the fastest but that never really posed a problem even when shooting on the streets of kuala lumpur.

The light weight of the camera together with the zoom range and fast aperture made this camera the perfect companion in Kuala lumpur.

The files out of the camera is really rich in color and depth, almost film like.

The camera is not the best one when it comes to low light, but the f2.0 lens makes it possible to capture night scenes without to much noise.

This might sound like the X10 is the best camera out there, but far from it. The camera like almost all others has its faults and quirks. But after using it for a while you learn to work around it and it’s then that you realize what a true joy it is to use. I think that this is gonna be my go-to camera when it comes to travel.

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Weekend update

It’s been a while since i’ve updated the blog, just to much to do and to little time… But anyway Im here now and i thought i would share some images from the past weekend here in Oslo.

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Weekend update

Another week has past and for the first time in a quite a while the sun was out. Of course i took my camera and went for a walk around in the city.

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3 days in Dublin

Just got back from a 3-day trip to Dublin and i gotta say that it was just as i expected. It was cloudy and rainy, bars everywhere and loads of beautiful architecture. But as always when Im in a new city with a camera i try to focus on the people and their surroundings…

As the weather was kinda bad (which i like for photographing) there was not to much people out but there were a few that dragged their selves out… fortunately.

As a said before everything here was just as i imagined. The people looked as i thought they would and the streets and alleys alike. Not that that is a bad thing.

The city has a lot of different sides to it and i sadly didn’t have nearly as much time as needed to come even close to take it all in.

In all honesty i guess i was sort of preoccupied tasting all the drinks that this fine city had to offer…

But whats that old saying…? “when in Rome!” I had to much to drink and not nearly enough time to take it all in so Im already looking forward to returning to Dublin soon.

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Home sweet home

This weekend i was home in Sweden visiting my family. I had almost forgot what real calm feel like. It really is a massive change of pase coming there for a weekend or so. I don’t miss it but it sure is nice to go home and stress out once in a while…

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Winter is here

It looks like the winter i didn’t want has come. I was really surprised to see so much people when i stepped out in the cold to take a walk downtown. I guess some people are more used to the cold then i am…

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For sale

Yeah, it’s time to sell my beloved GF1. I love it but since i got the Leica i haven’t really used it. So Im now selling the GF1 with the beautiful 20mm f1.7 and electronic viewfinder. If you’re interested just send me an email

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Finally out there

Ohh! It just feels great to finally be out shooting the streets again. It’s been a while since i had the time to go out and shoot. But this weekend i took my GRD3 and went for a walk downdown Oslo.

The snow is gone now so it’s much more pleasing to be out. People are finding their way out of their apartments so now there al least some more life on the streets.

I’ve now been shooting with the Ricoh GRD3 for a while and i gotta say that it sometimes blows me away. In some cases it can be har to judge if a shot is taken with that or the Leica. So is this the best camera that can fit in your pocket? Well, it all depends on what you like… I like fixed lenses so for me this little guy is perfect. I use it as a everyday camera as well as a wide angle camera together with the Leica.

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New year, new opportunities

Yes a new year has arrived! They say it’s winter but im sceptic… I really hope that 2012 will bring some more to the table when it comes to my photography. 2011 was a real busy year with very little time to put on the streets. But i got my hopes up for 2012! Right now the days are real short so it’s dark when i come home from work so im more or less limited to shoot on weekends now days… But soon the winter will be over and i’ll have more time to be out photographing life as it happens.

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Happy new year

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A stroll in the dark

Not much to do there days really, but tonight i dragged myself out on a little stroll around in the city.

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The world is grey

Winter is coming and i can not do anything else but to get sad. Everything is grey and colorless.

The streets and roads are all empty and the summer and sunshine seems all to far away…
(all images shot with the Ricoh GRDIII @ f1.9)

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Hardware update

Yes, once again there’s been an update in the bag! I’ve been searching for god know how long time for a good compact but been disappointed almost everytime. It’s been the Ricoh R8, the canon G10, the canon S95… But now i think i found it. The Ricoh GRDIII. A small camera built lika a tank equipped with  a 28mm f1.9 lens, what more can you ask for?

I don’t have all that much to show because i haven’t had the time to really test this baby out but from what i can see it looks real promising. Nice smooth tonality with lots of detail.

This is a camera with a small sensor and a wide lens, so this is nothing for the depth-of-field loving. But nevertheless you can get some DOF if you just get close enough

Small sensor and all, but this little thing actually performs quite ok in low light. This was shot on ISO 800. As i said i haven’t had any real time to test this camera out, but from now on it will be in my pocket so you can expect a whole lot more soon.

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The Masterpiece is done!

After a lot of work my new book “Paris” is finally done. The book consists of about 80 pictures that i’ve taken during the 4 times i’ve been in Paris since my first visit in 2009. The book is 84 pages on thick semi-glossy paper. The book is now available for sale. You can preview and order your own copy here. Enjoy!

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Mickey mouse


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20111008-135055.jpg A few days ago I received an email from a reader called James asking me how the leica viewfinder actually looks like. So to answer your question James, here you go! This is the view through the m8 with the 35mm summicron.

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Big city life

I know it’s been awful quiet here lately, sorry for that! I’ve been really busy with work and on top of that my computer crached the other day… But now Im back! A few days ago i was in Stockholm visiting some friends and as usual i brought the Leica along with me. Stockholm is a real vibrant city with a lot of beautiful architecture and colorful people. So with no further adieu i thought i’ll show you what i got. (all edited on my ipad since the computer still is dead)

I’ll be back with a whole lot more as soon as get my computer back from service.
Until then i will try my best to keep the blog up to date from my ipad!

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Man with umbrella

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Up on the hill


Shot this one on a road trip from Oslo to Bergen that I’m currently on, man what a scenic drive!!

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